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What is Reflexology ?

REFLEXOLOGY is the art and science of massaging points in your feet and hands that benefits your whole body. 

A comprehensive reflexology treatment is a therapeutic foot or hand massage.

In addition, acupressure points in the neck, shoulders and hands, along with facial reflex points may be stimulated to further relieve tension and to restore your body's balance.


How Can Reflexology Benefit Me?

Reflexology helps your body to heal itself. It can strengthen your immune system, improve circulation, increase vitality and assist your body in removing toxins.

Treatments also promote deep relaxation and to facilitate the healing of many ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, constipation, high blood pressure, headaches, back pain and allergies.

Reflexology also helps to strengthen your organ systems and balance hormones, which can benefit issues related to fertility and menopause.

"Time with Amon heals the body and feeds the soul."And his laughter is good medicine, too!"

-Judy Winters


"Amon has helped me keep my health goals on track. Some of the benefits I've noticed are improved stamina, lower blood pressure, and a healthier appearance. I heartily recommend Amon to anyone who wants more energy and better overall health."

-William B.

Amon has helped many to achieve greater relaxation, balance and improved health as a certified reflexologist for. He is continually amazed by the countless demonstrations of the body's phenomenal ability to heal itself.

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