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"Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone

has permitted you to believe."

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Vibe With Amon

Amon Sherriff (Dr. FeelBetter) has spent over 40 years learning, applying, and sharing his knowledge regarding the mind body connection. It's been his life's work cultivating safe spaces for people to find and explore their own healing rhythm.

As a certified reflexologist, he uses his intuitive gift of touch to provide body and spirit relief and restoration to his clients.

Serving as a resource for inner peace and connectedness, Amon also offers healing and relaxation through Sound Therapy and Mindbody Connection Coaching.

Leading with the belief that we all have an innate ability to heal, he uses these interconnected modalities to create unique experiences that remind people to honor themselves from a place of wholeness to truly increase the quality of their life.

"I create safe spaces for people to be comfortable enough to allow what shows up for them to come up, without resistance or judgement."

-Dr. FeelBetter

Zones of Genius

Sound Therapy





Reflexology helps your body to heal itself.

It can strengthen your immune system, improve circulation, increase vitality and assist your body in removing toxins.

Treatments also promote deep relaxation and the healing of many ailments, such as arthritis, asthma, constipation, high blood pressure, headaches, back pain and allergies.

Reflexology also helps to strengthen your organ systems and balance hormones, which can benefit issues related to fertility and menopause. Amon uses his 'healing hands' to relieve areas that may be tensed and imbalanced.

Amon gives you a soulful dose of sound medicine using acoustic instruments. Setting the mood for you to connect with your body's intelligence by harmonizing your feelings and thoughts and aligning the heart and mind.

This is a unique intuitive experience that

is the gateway to a peace-filled mindbody connection.

We already have the tools within us to live a healthy, fulfilled life. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of this truth. As your MindBody Coach, Amon serves as the wake up call you've been seeking. This is a heart-centered journey that puts you in the driver's seat of your own experience. You can expect to receive support and accountability as you find the rhythm to being a balanced, healthy you with sounds of healing and intention leading the way.

"Amon has helped me keep my health goals on track. Some of the benefits I've noticed are improved stamina, lower blood pressure, and a healthier appearance. I heartily recommend Amon to anyone who wants more energy and better overall health."

— William B.

"Time with Amon heals the body and feeds the soul."And his laughter is good medicine, too!"

— Judy Winters



MindBody Reset Program

This is an 8-week coaching program where Amon will serve as your guide as you lead the way to strengthening your own mindbody connection.

Each week you will receive a 1-hour reset session that will focus on your health and wellness and the steps you can take to meeting a more balanced, happier, healthier, and harmonized you. Amon will give you tools that can assist you with changing the habits & behaviors that have been barriers to reaching 

your definition of peace and  bliss.

The Jump Start Experience


First time working with Amon? Interested in seeing how his services will benefit you? The Jump Start Experience is a great way to see if  you connect with any of Amon's offerings. This experience gives you the opportunity to dive into various modalities to see what resonates most with you. It's also a way to  embark on your own journey to mindbody

connection and wellness.

You will receive:

(2) 30 minute MindBody Reset Sessions

(1) 30 minute Reflexology Treatment (online)

10 minute vibrational sound bath (MP3)

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Sound Bath


Receive a 20-30 minute vibrational sound bath experience customized specifically for you and the aspects you would like to focus on.

This is great for meditation purposes. It can also be used as a way to further explore and connect with yourself. Amon uses his musical gifts to create healing vibrational sounds that are most suitable for you.

You will receive your music in a downloadable

MP3 format.


This is an intuitive process.

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Let's find your rhythm and strengthen your mindbody connection

Amon Sherriff (Dr. FeelBetter) is available for speaking engagements, podcast interviews, corporate events, conferences, wellness retreats, and virtual experiences centered around nutrition, reflexology, sound therapy, and total body wellness. 

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