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Welcome to AwareHouse

An intentionally designed [home] space for you

to explore the art of relaxation and the mindbody connection.

The relationship you cultivate between your mind

and body will greatly impact your ability to feel good.

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The concept of mind-body connection views human beings from a place of wholeness. Addressing one aspect of what we are made of, while neglecting the other, will cause an imbalance. The mind and body are two sides of the same experience. Thoughts and emotions hold weight. Their vibration impact our physiological state on many levels.

Having a positive mind-body connection increases our ability to grow and heal at optimum levels.

Mind-Body Connection

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Many of us are constantly in fight or flight mode, which puts a strain on our biological and chemical makeup. Practicing relaxation techniques are practical solutions for reclaiming our breath, inner calm, and peace. When the body is relaxed, magic happens. Being in a relaxed state stabilizes the body and creates a nourishing environment for the self-healing process to really begin. 

The Art of Relaxation

Take A Self-Assessment

Try to answer the questions below with radical honesty.

Pay attention to what comes up for you as you mentally answer each question.

Do you have a difficult time relaxing and inviting ease into your mind and body? 

Do you feel physical discomfort when you are stressed and worried?

Do you feel safe and at home inside of your body?

Do you feel your lifestyle support and accommodate a fulfilled version of you?

more relaxed life can be your reality.

Learn More

Meet The Beings Behind Aware House Health

Amon Sherriff
(Dr. Feel Better)

The health and wellness expert, intuitive reflexologist, and musician.

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Cina Sherriff

The teacher, writer, and

 intuitive transformational coach. 

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Amon and his wife Cina are a divinely aligned husband and wife duo disrupting the 'trends' within the wellness industry with real life wisdom and experience. Spending the last 40+ years creating and living a lifestyle centered around holistic health, nutrition, and alternative healing, has positioned them as the OGs of health and wellness.

Together, they created Aware House Health in 2005. It serves as a platform and resource for them to share their knowledge and wisdom through courses, workshops,

and learning materials based on their personal experiences with healthy living

and mind-body wellness.

Wellness provides a sea of possibilities for

personal expansion.

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